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Tree Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

Gold Coast Stump Busters also have state of the art Toro STX-26 Stump Grinder. This means once we remove the tree the remaining stump be can be ground out immediately.  This saves our customers time and money by having your whole job completed by the one company.  There is no need to have to spend time looking for someone else, and you save on any additional call out fees because we do it all while we are there.  We remove the whole tree, stump and all in the one visit.

When a tree has been cut down the root ball, and runners are still hidden underground.  The remaining roots and debris hidden underground can become a breeding ground for ants, termites and other pests. If the stump is buried underground in time, the stump may become uncovered again causing a tripping hazard on your property.  Plans change in the future and if you decide at a later stage to redevelop part of your property the remaining stump can become a problem.

People think that they can just dig out a stump themselves. This job is always a lot bigger than initially planned.  You can spend hours trying to dig out the offending stump only to find out that it is too hard to pull out. Or you may just cut the stump off underground level and cover it with dirt? This still causes pest problems and depending on the size of the stump the ground can sink once the roots and stump start rot.

Grinding the stump with a grinder in most cases can prevent the need of using powerful chemicals.  Often with just grinding, because the host is dead, the tree will not regrow. Chemicals should only be used as a last resort and even then, by a professional so that other plants and grasses are not contaminated.

Once the stump is gone a small to medium pile of mulch is left behind so that plants can be replanted or the mulch can be spread to allow grass to be grown. Once the ground is levelled out, you can be assured that it will stay level over time.

We also offer just stump grinding services so if you uncover an old stump on your property or cut down your own trees we can come in and take care of that stump for you asap.

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when a tree should
be removed?

Tree removal is recommended if you need to remove unwanted trees, for instance, if the tree is in the way of a construction project or it is too close to a home or building or risking structural damage to retaining walls etc. Sometimes, trees need to be removed because there are simply too many trees in a small area, thus creating an overcrowded landscape. This could be problematic if the area is susceptible to bush fires.

  • Dead tree removal – the tree has been infected with white ants, grub or worms, aphids, caterpillars, or some other insects and it is too late to save the tree;
  • The tree is suffering from fungal problems it may infect other trees in close proximity;
  • The tree has been improperly pruned causing rot and infection;
  • The tree has a hollow trunk;
  • The tree is leaning dangerously;
  • The tree has been damaged by winds or a strom;
  • The tree is more than half dead, especially the canopy.

with the right people and the right equipment,
tree removal can be done quickly,
safely and cleanly!

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