Stump Removal Gold Coast
Palm Stump Removal Gold Coast Before and After

Palm Stump Removal Work completed in Runaway Bay 

How great is it to live on the beautiful Gold Coast. Living in a topical climate means many properties have the beloved Palm Tree. While Palms have a wonderful tropical feel, add privacy and shade to our backyards they do tend to overgrow. They are prolific growers especially in the wet season and can soon take over. Palm trees also have a very invasive root system and can damage pipes, footings and even push over fences. Once the palms become too large and you decide it’s time for a change you are unfortunately left with the dreaded palm stump.

At Gold Coast Stump Busters we have a range of machines allowing us to get access to all sized backyards. Our powerful machines allow us to grind away at the stump and root system below stopping any further possible damage from the tree and roots.

This picture shows a small access job in backyard in Runaway Bay. The palm stump was removed quickly and the lovely customer was thrilled with the job.

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