Tree Stump Removal
Tree Stump Removal Helensvale

Another successful tree stump removal in Helensvale. While Fig trees are a beautiful and majestic tree they unfortunately have a very invasive root system both above and below ground. Their roots can reach so far that they can even cause issues for the neighbors plumbing. Planted in the correct position and left to thrive they can work. But unfortunately on the Gold Coast our yards are becoming smaller and smaller. Not leaving much room for the tree to grow. This customer was looking at a whole new backyard design. They had concerns that the Fig tree was going to push over the fence. Also with the large leader roots it would be impossible to lay fresh turf.

With the Bandit SG40 we were able to grind the stump as well as all the leader roots. Ready to smooth out and lay new grass.

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Stump Grinding Service