stump grinder gold coast
Before Stump Removal
stump grinder gold coast
After Stump Removal

Looking for a stump grinder on the Gold Coast?
This stump was a large Gum tree that was removed in Gaven. The property was on acreage so access was not an issue. The tree had been cut down a few months ago and was dead at the time so the stump was quiet hard. This can make the stump grinding a longer process. Once a tree has been cut down and poisoned the stump and root system will begin to die. The moisture will leave the wood leaving the left over stump to harden over time. This means the stump takes twice as long to grind and uses more of the teeth to grind it. It was still no match for the Bandit SG40 Grinder. The job completed leaving the customer happy with the end result.
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