This large Gum tree in Mudgeeraba had already died due to disease. Once a tree has died climbing it and dismantling it becomes too much of a danger for the Arborist climbing as well as anyone near the tree. Stray branches can fall off easily, and the tree is no longer able to be safely spiked.  Trees of this nature can also be very dangerous in high winds or storms. Once the wood and root system hardens the tree becomes more likely to fall over or limbs to break off. An EWP or elevated work platform is used to slowly dismantle the tree ensuring the safety of the workers and the people around. Pieces of the tree are roped and cut off then safely lowered into an exclusion zone.  This tree had become a danger to the adjacent house and neighbours and had to be removed.  Trees like this are more vulnerable in a storm and would cause a lot of damage to people and property. Gold Coast Stump Busters has access to all the right gear ensuring that any tree works you require to be can be completed in the safe and correct way every time.